Marine Moms of the Quad Cities Area

Meeting Notes


Meeting Notes

By Clay LePard
Their children put their life on the line to defend our country. The Marine Moms of the QCA are helping take care of more than just their own kids.
Sandi Fink says she always knew her son Brian wanted to be in the military.
"When he was ten, he said I was put on this earth to serve my country," Fink says.
So when Brian finally enlisted more than six years ago, Sandi was both excited and scared beyond belief.
"It was hard but I got through it," she says.
That's when she joined Marine Moms of the Quad Cities Area.
"They tell you not to stalk the mailperson because you're waiting for mail when your kid goes to boot camp. I kind of stalked her," she adds.
Sergeant Fink has been deployed three times since 2010. Sandi says the group's monthly meetings have done wonders for calming her fears - something she is now passing on to others.
"I always tell them you will get through it," Fink explains. "We have all done it."
And its not just a strong support system, the group channels their efforts to helping those working hard overseas.
"We try to send birthday cards, thank you notes, and just little care packages for them," says Fink.
Fink says while she enjoys giving these gifts to our troops, the best gift she got came on this mother's day.
"This is the first one he's been able to call in a few years. I woke up this morning to a call from him to say happy mother's day. It meant a lot that he's safe, he's still doing his job in the military but he is safe and he was able to talk to me today," Fink says.
To learn more about Marine Moms of the Quad Cities Area and how you can help, click here.

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